Members and Visitors are requested to maintain a good standard of dress both on and off the course.


• Tailored Shorts
• Denim Jeans provided they are neat & tidy, are of uniform colour and are free of fraying, holes, rips or tears.
• Tailored Crew/Turtleneck Golf Shirts.


• Round Neck T-Shirts.
• Sleeveless Shirts (men only).
• Hooded Sweatshirts.
• Vests and Branded Team Jerseys.
• Beach and football shorts.
PLEASE NOTE Wet clothing, Hats/Caps and Visors must be removed in the bar and restaurant areas.
Persons not adhering to the above dress code may be asked to leave the Club House or the Golf Course.

Mobile Phones
Mobile phones may be used in silent mode to send and receive data only.
Mobile phones may be used on the golf course in emergency circumstances only.